Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's not's MOMaging!

Tell me if this sounds familiar: it's that random Saturday in the month that you managed to off load your kids on to your parents/sister/random teenager down the street and you got to go out. with adults. in public. wearing makeup...and pants. 

**ya lets just soak that in for a moment** 

everything is going delightful, your super hot, super successful bff that seems to have everything in the whole frickin world going for her is talking about the "business trip" she just took in Vegas, and how exhausting it was to have to entertain clients all week jumping from fab restaurant to fab club to fab hotel room....then the dreaded moment comes, she turns to you and says "so what did YOU do all week?" 

pause.....take sip of drink....take 2nd sip of drink...."oh well I..." finish drink...signal to waiter that you need another, or maybe 10 more now-ish....then you give in and say "oh ya know...the mom thing" which to all of them means you spent the week crusted in peanut butter and snot, sleepless and showerless and that at one point in time you actually contemplated which of the characters in the Fresh Beat Band was hotter (don't you even lie, you know you have been there!) regardless of if all that is true or not, the fact of the matter is that you did SO MUCH MORE than that. you just don't know how to explain don't know how to rattle off the fact that you managed to cook, clean, chauffeur, care for children and pets, volunteer, remove stains, mediate fights, not burn the house down, resist the urge to drink at 10am....etc. you might not be some flashy manager living some glam-o life, but don't underestimate your self worth....your a MOMager :)

now before I get angry comments about this being a sexist post, the idea of the MOMager is broad...its whoever it is that is playing the "mom" role...which could be dad...or grandma...or auntie...or whomever! its a state of mind...and at the same time, this is not dedicated only to stay at home moms, I was a working mom as well, and I know that just because you work does not mean that you get to stop your Mom job, it just means that you might be a MANager AND a MOMager. (and to you I tip my hat!)

Think about it like this: what did you do today? did you plan a meal to make (yes macaroni and cheese counts...) did you coordinate transportation for your children to and from school or extracurricular activities? did you maintain your home? RSVP to a party? Decorate for a holiday? Pay a bill? if you said yes to ANY of that, then you are a MOMager. You are MOMaging the many aspects of your very own little family business. 

Your significant other is your business partner...your children are your delightful/devilish little worker bees...your home is your office....and the product your pushing is a happy, healthy, well rounded, fun family living the life that they are entitled to. 

This blog is going to touch on a bunch of different topics...things that we all struggle with on a daily basis...from the mundane: meal and menu the fun: holiday and party the deep: creating goals, setting priorities and really figuring out what it is that you want yourself and your family to stand for. I will also touch on some other topics... organizing, home improvement projects, decorating, crafting, cooking, cleaning, couponing, kid tips....etc.

So add me to your regular rotation, I will update this as much as possible, and please feel free to let me know if there is anything that you have been wondering when it comes to the world of MOMaging

***If you are coming from my previous page WELCOME!! thanks for following me over here!***

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